Mission Aware Technologies

Mission Aware Technologies was launched in 2014 and is a company focused on developing high resolution terrain models and databases for use in flight simulation, film and television production, embedded graphics markets and various other industries.
Mission Aware Technologies is a company that is Mission Aware in two regards:
First in being aware of our clients needs be it Aerospace, Defense, Film & Television Production, Urban Planning, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas Exploration, Mining, Transport, Communications, Visual Simulation or Embedded Graphics Markets.
Second is in being a support to agencies and NGO's that go into all the world seeking to fulfill the Great Commission.
Our geospatially aware technology, terrain models and databases help all our clients to make the most informed decisions in their various missions and roles.

Digital Earth Data

Digital Earth Data is a new generation geospatial data and services company headquartered on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Founded in 2014 Digital Earth Data provides aerial imagery, image processing, terrain databases, elevation data, vector mapping data and custom mapping services to commercial and government customers worldwide.
Digital Earth Data's online geospatial data store has been developed as a unique one stop e-commerce enabled data distribution channel for refined, high quality, integrated, intelligent, geospatial datasets derived from public domain and open source datasets.
Custom services include image optimization, color correction, color grading, terrain database generation, data integration & conversion and 3D city, state & country modeling.

Dean Mountford

Dean is a licensed pilot and grew up around aviation since birth.  He is the son of a Boeing 727-277 and 767-277 Flight Engineer and from an early age was exposed to Level-D Boeing simulators at Ansett Airlines.
Dean is also a professional film maker with over 20 years experience in Film and Television production on major motion pictures and television shows such as Flipper, Beastmaster, The Lost World and several other movies.  In his professional film career Dean has developed advanced skills in image color correction and enhancement which allows him to develop advanced terrain database models which are superior in image quality, color and accuracy than what is currently available.
A user of Flight Simulator since Sublogic's version 1 over 30 years ago, Dean has an intimate knowledge of the simulation platform that very few people have.  Dean was also on the beta team for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and was part of a special advisory group for Microsoft Flight Simulator 11 which Microsoft unfortunately cancelled when they shut down the ACES team.
For the last 8 years Dean has been developing his skills with Geospatial Software that allows him to convert raw aerial imagery from the U.S. National Agriculture Imaging Program (NAIP) and convert it for use as a finished product to enhance Lockheed Martin Prepar3d, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft ESP.  He has also developed software scripts and programs to develop these databases with the click of a button through automation.
As a private pilot, Dean places a high value on flight simulator terrain databases being as real as it gets.  Flying in a simulator that emulates the earth's terrain as close as possible to the real world means that licensed pilots are able to practice real world maneuvers and navigation exercises with an accurate frame of reference within the simulator.  Such accuracy allows pilots to become better trained, can save lives and help with air crash investigations.
For home enthusiasts flying over accurate landscapes in a flight simulator allows for virtual travel experiences to exotic places they potentially would never see in real life.  It is also an excellent tool to assist those interested in an aviation career as flight crew.

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